Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Breads galore

The obsession with baking our own bread started a few months ago and I think we have made a few more different variation of breads. What goes into your bread is really up to you. It is so simple to make. The smell of fermentation is just so..........addictive. Once I got over my fear of yeast and baking, there is just no stopping the creative juices. So far we have made, Apple bread, Coffee bread, Roasted garlic bread, Cinnamon bread and Mixed nuts bread. I'm going to try to make a bread with mixed herbs next. Life is good when you have freshly baked bread for breakfast or just for snacking.

I think this dark coloured bread was the coffee bread

This was the Apple bread. This was made the morning my Mum and Dad arrived in the UK.

This is Steph's first bread (I'm so proud of her). Made it when I was in Norwich. She didn't use enough dough so it came out looking like a flat bread. She cut it into thin slices and spread them with garlic and butter and roast for abit in the oven .. she calls it her garlic bread sticks.

This was our favourite bread of all - Cinnamon bread.Our next few breads would probably be something with Nutella, herbs, cheese or some root vegetables.


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