Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Long time no blog

Wonder what happened to us in the last couple of months?
I wonder what happened too? I remember we would blog every now and then but then all of sudden just silence. I think I was busy juggling my work and my studies but not sure why Steph decided to stop penning her daily/weekly life. Well I should start the ball rolling again by posting this.

I must say I do miss cooking a little bit but I don't have the chance to do this the last couple of months because I'm on an outstation job in Norwich. Only back on weekends and usually that doesn't give me much 'kitchen time'. Anyway, hopefully this assignment will end soon so I can stay at home a lot more. The plus point of working outstation is having the chance of eating three course meals everyday. I'm quite sick of eating out now but it is nice to have somebody do the cooking and cleaning for a change. I've definitely gain some weight from this assignment but hopefully the weight don't get too comfortable on my body because I will definitely lose them when I get back to my normal routine - 5 small meals a day.

Summer has been nice in the UK this year. I'm not complaining too much even though it rains occasionally. Somehow Norwich is blessed with better weather compared to the rest of the UK. Steph manage to visit Norwich last week and she trully enjoyed her stay here. I haven't done the touristy stuff yet because by the time I finish work, the shops are usually closed. That is UK for you. By 6pm most shops are closed for the day. Well at least Steph enjoyed herself.


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