Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Baby, I love my Tomyam soup

Last weekend, Adrian and I went to an oriental grocery store. It is a huge storehouse and I am very impressed with the varieties they have there, and even more impressed with the price. Most items are priced at least 3 to 5x of the price if I were to buy the same item in Msia. Anyway I am very happy with my purchase, bought salted eggs, japanese tofu, dried beancurd, tomyam paste and some noodles.

Out of guilt and love, I told Adrian y'day that I will make dinner, it was him who usually does the cooking. He has done so many gorgeous food since I came over, so I thought I will do it this time. Me being myself, did the easy way. I used the tomyam paste to boil the soup, and threw in some crabsticks, chicken slices, smoked haddock, ladyfingers, and spring onions. The final verdict - awesome. It smells so good that my housemate came to the kitchen and see what I'm up to :) Well I guess, all my 'hardwork and effort' was worthwhile since Adrian had a second helping.

Instant tomyam paste (₤1.55)

My magic concoction

I'm a good cook after all... haha.



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