Thursday, 26 February 2009

HAIL LIVERPOOL !! ......... chelsea too

Yesterday was a good day for me. why? Coz Liverpool had a stunning victory over Real Madrid in the Bernabeu camp itself! How cool is that. Their performance can be quite teruk if you look at the games they played in the premier league for the past few weeks, but Liverpool record in the European Cup has always been quite good. Happy for Adrian that Chelsea won too. Well, I hope both teams don't have to fight one another, or not I am pretty sure Liverpool will beat Chelsea this time 'round!! Sorry ah-boy.

Dinner was quite simple (I guess you know why) as I'm the one who prepare them. Adrian wasn't feeling too well yesterday, so I thought I'll prepare dinner. Dinner was the leftover tomyam soup, steam eggs, and brocolli fried with tuna.
It was my first attempt in cooking steamed eggs. We used:
2 eggs, one cup of stock/broth water, 1 salted egg and crabsticks, a bit of soya sauce and pepper and spring onions for garnishing.

Basically, I just chucked whatever stuff I have in the fridge. We ran out of pork meat, or not I would love to put in some minced pork. After putting all the ingredients together, we had a little too much to fit into a bowl so we split them into 2 and put them into the steamer.

It was my first time cooking broccoli with tuna too. Just heat it with some butter and put the tuna in when the broccoli is cooked. Simple yet delicious! I read that high intake of broccoli can reduce the chances of prostate cancer. So to all the men out there, do take more of these! Or woman, do cook more of these vege for your other half.

Here you go, my ridiculously simple dish. I doubt I'll ever have the chance to prepare this dish back home in Msia. My granny is a wonderful cook and I would prefer to give her the chance to show off her skills.


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