Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Happy Pancake Day!

Most Malaysians probably have no idea what we are talking about unless you are a Christian in certain parts of the world that celebrates this day. In the UK, today is Shrove Tuesday and is celebrated each year on different dates depending on when Easter falls. It is the day before Lent. There is a tradition, whereby pancakes are made and eaten on this particular day. I'm not being religious or anything but since Steph and I love eating pancakes, I decided to wake up extra early today (7am to be exact) to make a batch of pancakes for breakfast and lunch. Actually I was really looking forward to doing this so I didn't feel any tiredness at all. All I wanted to do was make some pancakes. :) I wish I felt the same way about going to work...
Pancakes are very simple to make with very basic ingredients comprising flour, egg, milk, salt and sugar. I'm not going to bother with the 'how to' make a pancake because you can easily get the recipe from various websites. Being adventurous, there were 4 different types of pancakes; the standard version - syrup with butter; banana and Nutella; a version of 'Apam Balik' made with Chunky peanut butter and sugar; a savoury pancake with minced chicken and mushroom as filling. As usual, Steph (the avid photographer) has captured some of the delicious pancakes for your viewing pleasure. We had so many batches of pancakes and they were all so delicious.

Tossing the pancake (the fun bit!!!)

A standard tin can (with bottom removed) to make mini pancakes

Pancakes with butter and syrup (IMO, the best combination)

the traditional with syrup and butter

banana and Nutella

My version of 'Apam Balik'

with minced chicken and mushroom

There you go, our first Pancake Day in the UK. I've been told by Steph to start remembering the stuff I put in my food and post the recipes. That request has been noted and I will make an effort the next time round.


P/s: I really miss Paddington House of Pancakes at the Curve. My next recipe will probably be pancake burgers with chips.

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  1. omg i love pancakes! arghh .. so tempting .. i'm almost drooling now


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