Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Mr. Clarkson disses Proton AGAIN

The man (Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear) who famously destroyed Proton's reputation in the UK has done it again in his latest article on BMW 135i M Sport convertible. I think somebody from Proton should just spend a little bit of money to bribe (ps: people with moral high ground should not live in Malaysia because bribing is a way of life) Jeremy to say good things about Proton or just don't say anything at all. It is better than spending a disgusting amount of money on F1 to promote our national car.

Excerpt from the article
"I’ve never been able to put my finger on quite why I don’t like cars made by Proton and so on. But now I do. They are not joyous. They are built purely to shore up an emerging nation’s balance of trade, and you will never find any joy in anything where every single part has come from the lowest bidder. "

Original article from here.

Unfortunately there are talks that Malaysia/Proton is joining the whole F1 racing fiesta with their very own Lotus powered car next year. I'm proud and worried at the same time because I read somewhere that everything will be made in Malaysia and staffed by Malaysian crew. Seriously, who are we kidding? Money in F1 can't buy success and if Team Malaysia fails miserably, it will be an even worst publicity for Malaysia, especially Proton and even Lotus.

- Adrian

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