Thursday, 5 March 2009

the accidental sticky baked beans rice

This is what I just had for lunch.. and I called it the accidental 'sticky baked beans rice'.

Why accidental? Wanted to cook fried rice, and I threw in the dumplings we had from the lamb stew. I thought the dumplings will be nice to go with the fried rice because of its chewiness. Never thought the very solid dumplings will dissolved and the flour and stuffing from the dumplings made my rice stick together... it actually looks like 'lo mai kai' (the genuine sticky rice). And I threw in a whole lot of those giant dumplings into my fried rice. Hence, I ended up having a whole slab or chunk of rice all sticking together in the wok. For a moment, I wanted to make cheesy baked rice, (trying to salvage my dish), but can't be bothered to bake them as I am already very hungry. So as usual, easy easy, just to cheer up the dish a little, I cooked baked beans with eggs. I love baked beans, and hence by adding them to my dish, will make my rice more appealing.. well, at least to me.

So, lesson learnt, do not assume that anything can goes into the fried rice... although most of us would agree that we tend to use whatever leftover dishes including the rice itself!! (fried rice a.k.a. what's left over from dinner). Anyway, I love my sticky baked beans rice, and thanks to God for His grace on my lunch.

- Steph


  1. hey steph! it looks yummy stilll.. how does it taste? I would have no clue at all that dumplings would melt when fried, so I can understand your situation when it did th emelting stunt in the kuali!!! :P

  2. hey cheryl, how's life? it taste good.. prolly because i was too hungry by then.

    the dumplings that we made were already very soft, coz we put too much water. Prolly those thougher dumplings will not dissolve? i dont know..


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