Saturday, 21 March 2009

Hello Spring!

The weather has been lovely the past few days, we have plenty of sunshine in the UK. Leaves are budding everywhere, spring spring is finally here! It is my first time experiencing Spring time, and was so excited when I see buds shooting out from the once dead branches. Managed to capture some pretty pictures.

The most amazing sights will be the daffodils. Most trees are still leafless but the daffodils are growing like mushrooms. They seem to be sprouting everywhere... by the roadside, field, by the lake, even our house backyard. And they come in assorted colours and type too. I only managed to capture the yellow ones. I read that daffodils are the first sign of Spring. Winter is finally gone!! finger cross.
Took the shot below outside Adrian's office. Can you spot the daffodils?

- steph

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  1. very nice photos! these photos need some skills and talent man..


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