Friday, 6 March 2009

what a Feast!

Our dinner yesterday was superb. We had 3 different type of unique dishes and even our rice has its own speciality too. Not to mention that all the dishes were our first attempt.

First dish - "Giant meat(flat)balls with baked beans". You can refer to the previous post on how we did this.

Second dish - "Fried japanese tofu with minced pork". This is a simple recipe which I learnt from my granny. She cooked this quite frequently back home. First, deep fry the tofu till golden brown, remove and set aside. Mixed minced pork with a little corn starch, soy sauce, white pepper. Then, cook the minced meat with the mushrooms and carrots, throw in some corn starch to thicken the gravy.

Third dish - "Leek and Chinese sausage stir fry". This is my favourite! First steam the sausages after slicing them. For the leek, stir fry until it is cook, and once ready, mix in the sausages.

Accompanied by - "Ginger rice". Add some ginger, spring onions and 2 table spoons of margerine into the rice when it is just about to boil. We added chicken stocks to give it abit more taste as well.

It was a good dinner, and despite eating more than usual, we still have plenty of leftovers!! We ate this for our dinner today too (but instead of rice, we had it with wantan noodles). I wonder what Adrian will cook next. I admit that I've put on some weight since I came over, because he is always experimenting with food.

Well, I guess we make a good combination, he loves to cook and.... ME love to eat! kekeke

- Steph

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