Monday, 2 March 2009

My Char Siew Chicken

During CNY, I attended a friend's open house in London. It was a pot luck so everybody had to bring a dish there. Initially, I wanted to bring my beef and beer pie but realise some of my friends don't eat red meat. So I ended bringing, char siew chicken. I don't really remember the exact recipe anymore but I basically substituted the pork with chicken breast. Most people at the party thought is was pork because the chicken breast was quite dry and looked like pork. Even a Malay guy didn't believe me when I told him it was chicken and it was safe to eat. Let me know whether you think it looks like the 'real' thing. I plan to make one with pork soon. Will make more so I can use the leftover to make Char Siew pau.

- Adrian


  1. whatever you do - we need to patent this recipe wei.... and by the way, we got food tasters all ready at my house... so when u wann atry it again??? :) *wink*


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