Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ezy meals

Some of the simpler meals which we've cook this week -

1. Leek, potato and bacon bake - Slice the potatoes and boil it in chicken stocks, meanwhile fry the leeks and the bacons. Layer up the potatoes and leeks, then scatter the bacon over the top. Pour some of the leftover stocks into the dish. This is really a quick and easy meal, took me 30mins to prepared this before popping into the oven. Taste lovely, would be better if there were more bacon. Will probably stuff some chicken in there the next time.

2. Super spicy olio spaghetti - This is even easier to prepare. Boil the pasta and while waiting for the pasta to cook, on another pan fry some garlic, seafood, then throw in some spices and of course a handsome amount of chilli flakes. Add in the spaghetti and it is ready to be served. The secret to this dish is good quality extra virgin oil which is basically the flavour of the dish.3. 'Chicken' chickpea spaghetti - We bought a few packets of Quorn, which is a type of mycoprotein food instead of the real chicken meat. This Quorn product is made of some type of fungus and is high in protein. Good option for those who are trying to cut down on meat. It taste really good, and we have some Quorn minced beef and Quorn grilled vegetables sitting in the freezer! The Quorn chicken was cooked with chickpeas and mixed salad. Add the spaghetti in to the mixture and you have a nice healthy dish.

- steph

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