Wednesday, 18 March 2009


No, not some collaterised loan obligation... Yesterday we had baked chicken, not the normal kind of chicken grilled marinated with brown sauce or whatever sauce.. er, Adrian been experimenting again, and this time he risked our lovely Chicken drumsticks (which I wanted to used it for my more ordinary dish) which he stuffed with smashed hardboil salted Duck egg with Curry Leaves and top it with a mixture of Oats and (chicken) egg and curry powder. There, thats my CDCLO!! What sort of combination is that?! I wonder any of you will eat that if you only hear / read about it without any graphic.
after half an hour in the oven, here is the result ...

Any takers now? Pretty fusion huh, it was yummy !!

Along with the abnormal CDCLO dish or whatever you want to name it, we had the 'extra spicy fermented tofu' (fuyu) stir-fry vege. He underestimated the spiciness of the chilli powder (again) and threw in more than enough into the vege dish despite the words being obvioulsy stated on the packaging - 'EXTRA HOT CHILLI POWDER'. It was so hot, that we gotta rinse some portion with water.

And we had something very random and spontaneous for dessert, shall I call it CBM - chocolate Baileys mousse? whatever la, as long as this 'tam chiak poh' loves it.


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