Wednesday, 25 March 2009

a delightful surprise

Got back home late yesterday night from London. A very tiring trip all thanks to the London crappy traffic. (We spent couple of days in London as Adrian has training there.) The London traffic is just plain stupid, they like to have roadworks at peak hours, placing hundred and hundreds of cones closing most of the lanes and only allowing one pathetic lane for cars , and having traffic diversion all the time... kononnya for road maintenance, how inconsiderate! I think 75% of our driving journey, we have come across road diversion. So, a normal 1hour journey from London turned into almost 2 hours for us to get back home. And this time, we noticed that the roadworks guys were just sitting in the truck watching TV!!! All that for the massive jam! What the **TUT***!! I have to agree simply with many of my friends here complaining that London is really a 3rd world country. So much inefficiencies with their transport system, postal services, government services, bla bla... sound familiar?

Anyway, when we got home I was treated to a lovely surprise!! A friend of mine sent me some pineapple tarts all the way from Spore!! nyam nyam... not any ordinary tarts, it's Bengawan Solo weh! Maybe nextime can send me some layered cakes since they are the most popular cakes being sold in BS. hahaha! Thanks friend, very thoughtful of you. Chomping onto those right now.. they are yummy! I suspect these little cookies will not last till the weekend.


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  1. I suspect so too! anyways steph, the photos for my dinner are up on me blog!

    - Terence -


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