Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Marley & Me - a must watch

Me and Adrian went to watch Marley & Me last week. (Adrian adores Jennifer Aniston) Well, I taught it would be another romantic comedy film .. unexpectedly it is not. I simply love the movie. A real story written by John Grogan, Marley & Me is a story of the young couple John himself and his wife and their 'super active and adorable' dog Marley who taught them what really matters in life. The movie speaks of unexpected challenges that everyone faces in adulthood, responsibility as a husband, wife and parents... unconditional love, sacrifices, issues and how one can balance what's important in life. The story sort of prepared me and Adrian of what to expect as we move on in life as a couple and taught us great values. Just incredibly meaningful and it is soooo touching at the finale. Please just go watch it!!

- Steph


  1. u should read the book, i don't think i've laughed so much over a book but it was a great book! I cried in the end when marley died when i was reading the book and watching the movie!

  2. yeah, the ending made me cried too... so touching.


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