Sunday, 5 April 2009

the G-riots

Finally, back to bloggin again. Been spending some time down in London, also been getting abit lazy and preoccupied with... er, the lovely spring weather, G20, Obama?!

London host the G20 meeting lastweek, and all the world leaders were here. Mr Obama was in town! Yes, I'm a big fan of the President and his beautiful wife. As usual, for most major summits there will be protest, riots and demonstrations. And for this case, the people are generally angry at the bank bailouts situations whereby governments throwing trillions trying to save the banking system... and ppl are even more pissed when the bankers are still getting their fat bonuses despite the fact that the money pumped into the bank are basically the tax payers money.

Anyway, it was quite tense in the city of London during the days prior to the summit.
Effigies of bankers are 'hung from lamp-posts' in the run-up to the G20. City workers have been warned not to wear suits, but to dress down in chinos and loafers because they would be obvious targets during the demonstrations.

Canary Wharf, the business centre of London, was also one the hot spot for demonstration.

Was having lunch with a friend in that area on the day of the summit, and was hoping that I will bump into a demonstration so I could, maybe join in the protest... well, just for the fun of it. Erm, nothing happens, the demonstration took place in the city of London instead and there are ppl who died at the protest.
Quite a serious riot apparently.

NOTHING happens in Canary Wharf!! Dissapointed, I head back home.............

wait, is that Citibank building on fire?

- Steph

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