Tuesday, 7 April 2009

oh my, what a lovely pungent-ness smell

I prepared dinner today! Adrian gotta work in London, so by the time he comes back, we will both be starved. Each time when I am incharge of dinner, it will be 99% that we will be having Chinese meal. Why? I need my rice... tend to feel uneasy if I don't pop some rice into my mouth for more than 3 days. typical chinese girl.

For the vege, I sitr fry the lettuce together with some mushrooms, beancurd and oyster sauce and chinese Shao Hshing wine. I love lettuce but dislike having them for salads. Adrian always munch them raw.. eeee-yak!

As for the meat, I did the Shrimp Paste Chicken, Har Jiong Kai (in Cantonese). This is one of Singaporean’s favourite fried chicken dish. I remember having them quite frequently while working in Spore. This dish is like a must order when I eat in any Tai-chau stall.

I used the Lee Kum Kee's shrimp sauce which I've brought along from Spore. To many Westerners unfamiliar with this condiment, the smell can be extremely repulsive... but to Asians, this stuff are like heaven made.
I used chicken drumsticks instead of the more common used chicken wings.

Really simple -
1. clean the chicken (dont throw away the skin, that's the best part!)
2. marinate them with shrimp sauce and let them sit in the fridge for few hours
3. Coat the chicken with corn flour

4. Open wide the kitchen windows (to let the smell escape or the whole house will smell of shrimp)
5. Fry them till golden brown

and tadaa!

Tender juicy on the inside. Crispy shrimpy taste on the outside. Say hello to my pungent shrimp fried chicken (I can still smell it in my nose) ... and Bye bye to KFC!

- Steph


  1. You actually can cook~!! How come you never cook for me when we were housemates???
    Ehehehe... enjoy your UK odyssey with ur hubby k~!

  2. no one cooks in Malaysia. We have excellent and cheap food everywhere back home! Unlike here...


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