Tuesday, 7 April 2009

fatty Tortellini

We had store-bought fresh tortellini with cheese and ham fillings. It's a type of ring-shape pasta. Decided to have it with cream instead of the usual bolognese sauce. We throw in a bunch of spinach, ham, garlic, onions, cheddar cheese, chicken stocks, double cream and finally a dash of whisky to enhance the flavour. It was really yummy but in my opinion the cream is too overwhelming coz Adrian throw a whole full cup of of cream into it!! For those health concious out there, maybe can try serving this with alot of salad to go with it or just cook tortellini soup instead. It is my first time having tortellini and I can't wait to have another round again.. but definitely with less cream please.
- Steph


  1. this looks yummy.. i love pasta very much

  2. for me, nothing beats Chinese food :)


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