Friday, 10 April 2009

Freezin onions

What's the best way to store onions?


We over bought onions in the supermarket, and we have a whole big bag of it! We already have some at home, but when we saw that the store was selling it for such a deep discount, we decided to get it. It think it was 20p for 1kg. Who can resist cheap onions right? hahaha. And the onions that we bought were gigantic not those small cute ones.

Doubting that we can finish all of them in time, despite that we love to use onions in our cooking, it is quite impossible to consume all those before they get rotten. Not like we are cooking for a whole big family, it's just the two of us!

So what do we do? Well, we decided to freeze them.
After half way peeling through the onions, I decided to leave a couple on the shelf. My hands are tiring me out. And I havent even got to the hardest part yet... chop and dice them. Ever wonder why do we tear everytime we chop the onions? Some type of chemicals are released into the air when we cut an onions which make your eyes tear, and I find white onions are the worst-- purple never seem to be as bad. I usually try not to breath while cutting onions, but come on, it is easy if I only have one to cut, but now I have a whole lots of them! How could I not breath? So I opened all the kitchen windows, and the balcony door, and was so glad that it was a windy evening, so the air was just circulating in the kitchen. and voila, no tears at all!

Read from some articles that to avoid tearing, you just need to cut a cone out of the bottom of the onion (where the roots come out) and it'll be fine, but you need to cut out a huge chunk of it. Well I am happy with my method.

After dicing all of them, I stuffed them into a sandwich bag, a tupperware and the also wrap them up in clingfills. Separated them into different sizes and parts so that it is easier to use them as required for different dishes. I make sure it is all wrapped up for odour protection.

Look at my onions collection! kekeke.. this will last us for a very long time... so satisfied. The only downside to this is I have to bear with my onion smelling fingers till the next morning. *sniff sniff, eewwww...


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