Sunday, 5 April 2009

drools.. Eggtarts

What a beautiful sight! Adrian made these pretty 'Portugese style' egg tarts, and it was simply yummy. These little pastries have been my all time favourite. I remember getting them for 40cents back then when I was still in primary school but I think they are probably selling for at least RM1.20 now.
The custards are really simple to made and we used the leftover pastry dough from our char siew puff, so making these only took us less than 30mins. But we dont have enough pastry dough to go about, and guess what?

We had eggtortillas tarts!! he used tortilla wraps instead for the remaining custard..

- Steph


  1. oi... Adrian!
    must give me the recipe for this!
    darn... you are quite the cook!
    when are you cooking for us?

  2. wah lau, i also want man!! seeing this makes me hungry and here i am eating fish!

    yah when's the next time u coming back, we come feast! haha

  3. hey... some recipes for you to try =)

  4. Tim, will send you the recipe this weekend. Busy at work at the moment. Some of the stuff are guestimates but I will give the main ingredients to make the custard. The pastry is basically your puff pastries which is flour with a lot of butter to make it puff.

    I will be back in December so will cook for you guys then


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