Friday, 10 April 2009

Tea infused pasta

Everyone knows that England is a tea drinking nation. I probably drink 5-8 cups a day when I'm at work - White no sugar. Came up with the idea of making this tea-infused pasta whilst I was drinking tea one day. The aroma from fresh tea made me think that I should include this aroma in my cooking. So when I got home one day, I decided to try this out. Firstly I boiled 3 tea bags in a pot. Probably left them in there for a good 3 to 5 mins. Before they started getting too bitter, I took the teabags out and added in half a cup of milk, salt and pepper. Moments later I added in some ham which I've fried separately earlier on. Then I added in my chicken breast, leek and some chicken stock. I let the tea reduced to quite a thick consistency before adding my pre-boiled pasta. Once the sauce thickens up and the pasta has absorbed most my tea, it was time to serve my experimental pasta. It tasted good but I found that it lacked the aroma that I was looking for. Probably I should add a few more teabags next time. Anyway, will try to perfect this dish before I attempt to serve to my friends back in Malaysia...kekeke...


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  1. liking the experimentation, steph & adrian!! love reading about your meals.


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