Saturday, 18 April 2009

curry & naan

Adrian decided to cook curry for lunch. And this is very simple to cook coz we did the shortcut way. We used half a packet of Deli Chef curry, I brought so many instant Deli Chef curry sauce packet from Msia - there are chicken curry, fish curry, rendang, green curry... my mum bought all these from Cosway for me. Thanks mum. I LOVE CURRY!! and this Deli Chef curry sauce comes in paste form and I personally think it tastes much better than the other pre packet sauce in powder form. It has a very strong and rich flavour.. very spicy too. We just add-in onions, potatoes, chicken, curry leaves, and finally coconut milk.

We decided to eat the chicken curry with naan - Indian style. So we bought a packet of garlic and coriander naan from the supermarket. The naan is huge and smells good too. So yummy.. my mouth still waters everytime I look at the picture.

As I am blogging this Adrian is cooking something new for dinner tonight, smells good from here. Oh no, I hope this is not another kilo to my weight *sweat*


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